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 Being Eve


NZ Air-date 

Programme Title

Programme Symopsis 


25 Aug 01 

Being In Love  

Eve has just convinced herself there is no such state as being in love when she is stopped in her tracks by the arrival of a new boy in class. 


01 Sep 01

Being Popular

When Eve learns she is one of the only people in her class not to have been invited to Charlotte's birthday party, she attempts to maintain her dignity while pondering the meaning of popularity. 


08 Sep 01

Being Beautiful

A school art assignment on the perfect human form leads to Eve becoming obsessed with expressing her vision through moulding clay. Meanwhile, Sylvie puts herself on a diet in to curb her addiction to junk food. 


15 Sep 01

Being Bad 

Eve becomes concerned about her goody-good image and decides to explore her wilder side. 


22 Sep 01

Being .... 



29 Sep 01 

Being Betrayed

Eve is forced to confront issues of friendship and loyalty when she learns that Sylvie and Adam are going to the movies together.  


06 Oct 01 

Being Scared

The night before school camp, Eve has a nightmare involving Sylvie which causes her to ponder the nature of fear. This fear reoccurs when Eve, Sylvie and Matt become lost on an orienteering race. 


13 Oct 01

Being Just Mates

Adam comes to stay while his mother recovers from an accident and Eve wonders if it is really possible for boys and girls to be just friends.  


 20 Oct 01  

Being ... 

Eve's confusion about her relationship with Matt make her consider the differences between the sexes.  


27 Oct 01

Being a Couple

Eve is disconcerted to learn that everyone treats her differently now she is part of a couple. Meanwhile, the new boy at school has a crush on Sylvie. 


03 Nov 01




10 Nov 01

Being Pregnant

Eve learns Alannah is trying to get pregnant and tries to sabotage events.  


17 Nov 01 

Being Married

Eve can't bring herself to tell Matt about her new relationship with Adam and finds herself deceiving both boyfriends. Meanwhile, Vivienne struggles to come to terms with Alannah and Tim's impending wedding. 


































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