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The source for New Zealand Television information!

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New Zealand Television Database





 Welcome - Introduction 

Welcome to the source for New Zealand Television!, The New Zealand Television Database.  I am your host, Michael Falkner, the owner and manager of this website.    I am dedicated to bringing you everything possible about the New Zealand television scene.

You will find on this website, an alphabetical list of all shows featured on this website, as well as brief and detailed information, plus links about the television shows listed. There is a section on other features relating to New Zealand television, with each page featuring different areas of interest about the New Zealand television landscape.  

For those of you interested in knowing something about my country New Zealand, there is also a page about that too including linked information and a history page.

So, have a look around at the wealth of information available. Your feedback is important, so if there are errors, or information that can be included, please use the feedback form or send an email message, plus you can also sign my guestbook.

Once again, Thanks for finding my website, and enjoy your visit to The New Zealand Television Database, the most comprehensive guide to television in New Zealand, and The source for New Zealand Television information!



 Other Features 






Timeline & History

A detailed chronological history, outlining the events, programmes, and personalities, that shaped New Zealand's television history.


Channel Info

Links to all current television channel website. Info and History pages for main tv channels.



Transmission Info

Transmission opening and closing times for most of the television channels over the years.



Classic TV Guides

A selection of TV guide listings, including special events, launch days, a typical days programmes or weekly guides. 



Episode Guides

Episodic comedy and drama series, with brief and detailed episode guides. 



Specials Guide

A guide to specials, one-off shows, and all other TV and sporting events over the years.


  Programme Profile Here are informative regular featured profiles of popular or unpopular shows over the years.  
  People Profiles Here are profiles and info on television personalities and actors, past and present.  


Tribute to Angela D'Audney

This is my tribute to my favourite New Zealand television personality who passed away on 6th February 2002, of a brain tumour, she was 57.  She was a pioneer...


  Miscellaneous Info & Trivia

Here contains bits and pieces of information that is small in content, but nevertheless is important to New Zealand television. 







 About New Zealand 

This page has general facts about my homeland of New Zealand. This page has interesting infomation and pictures, plus it has an Audio clip of the national anthem.

Click here or the map for Info about New Zealand

Click here for the History Info about New Zealand



 Site Updates



Website version 1 is up-loaded for the first time, plus there are originally 735 shows listed. 



Website version 2 is up-loaded for the first time, with major changes, too many to be listed.  















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