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 Tribute to Angela D'Audney



This is my Tribute to my favourite New Zealand television personality who passed away on 6th February 2002, of a brain tumour, she was 57. 

She was a pioneer New Zealand television personality who began on New Zealand television on 12 October, 1962 as a continuity announcer. She presented numerous News, and Current affairs programmes. She also appeared on game shows, arts, and lifestyle shows. She had a passion for cars, where she owned and drove her Jaguars. She had two adorable poodle dogs. And she love to travel the world exploring ancient, and exotic places. She was once seen topless in controversial New Zealand television drama, 'The Venus Touch' in 1982. She was dumped by TVNZ many times, the first being in 1973, and the last in a highly profile departure in 1997, after presenting the weekend News.

In May 2001 after presenting the Late News on tv One, and the Good Morning Show the following day, she had stumbled over her lines, being a profectionist, she knew there was something wrong. So she got a check up, and there was a tumour in her head the size of a golf ball. If she hadn't noticed there was something wrong the doctors said she could have been dead within 7 to 10 days. She was treated, but it didn't go away, she became sicker. She was able with the help of a friend to write a book about her life, and it was published late in 2001.

A television documentary about her life was made by the same company that had dump her many times. She was able to see the final cut of the show in the last week of her life, and gave the tribute her blessing. She slipped into a coma, three days before she passed away. She was surrounding by friends and collegues. Her one hour Tribute was played on tv One on 10 February at 7.35pm. It was the highest rated programme of that week.

And Finally on a personal note,

I will miss you Angela, I cried when I heard that you had died. I have been a fan of yours for many years, and a pleasure of seeing such a wonderful person on television. I am pleased I got the chance to send you a Christmas/ Get Well card. At times I still expect to see you on the news, but your not anymore. Thanks for all the great moments you have given New Zealand television viewers.

You will always be in my heart.

May you Rest In Peace.





The Many Faces of Angela D'Audney (1944-2002)


Angela, AKTV 2, 1962

Presenting 'On Camera', 1970

Presenting the 'News', 1978

Presenting the arts programme, 'Kaleidoscope", 1980

Acting in the New Zealand tv play, 'The Venus Touch', 1982

'Eyewitness News', 1984

The last time she was dumped by TVNZ, September 1997

Interviewed on 'Today Live', 2000

Her last 'One News' appearance, May 2001


Interviewed on 'Today Live', June 2001

Her book published late in 2001, Angela: A Wonderful Life




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